MARC SALOMON POB 410244 - SF, CA 94141 - 415.864.7082 
EDUCATION B.A. The University of Texas at Austin, 1989, Political Science/Latin American Studies, Computer Science.
EXPERTISE Standards HTTP (1.0, 1.1) , HTML (2.0, 3.2, 4.0), CGI, Server Modules (NSAPI, Apache API), JDBC, WebDav, ISO 8879 (SGML), TCP/IP, Z39.50 (IR), Z39.58 (CCL), Z39.56 (SICI), SMTP, NNTP, POP, FTP.
Languages C (ANSI and K&R) Perl (4 and 5, objects, internals, embedding, DBD::Informix), Java (Servlets, Swing, JFC 1.2, JDBC) Tcl, csh, sh, Informix Universal Data Server, Illustra/Postgres RDBMS and query languages, INGRES SQL, some C++.
Platforms Solaris (up to 2.6, sparc and x86), SunOS (up to 4.1.3), BSD Unix (4.4), SVR4 Unix, Linux, Irix, Ultrix, Sun Workstations and servers, Intel UNIX workstations, HPUX 10.20, AIX 4.1.4, SGI workstations, DEC Alpha, some NT.
Consultant  July-August 1999 SpotMagic, San Francisco, California

Developed time-sequence multi-media file server C-language application in Netscape Enterprise Server NSAPI/SAF and CGI.

Software Engineer July 1998 - Present (half-time, flexible) HIV Insite a project of the AIDS Office of The Medical Center of The University of California, San Francisco 

Provide technical expertise and guidance in design and implementation of high-quality AIDS WWW resources, focusing on Clinical, Prevention and Social/Legal issues; Developed Java Swing and Java Servlet applications for maintaining and administering Continuing Medical Education testing; Re-engineered contractor-supplied Illustra RDBMS query web site implementation to a RDBMS-independent, more persistent and user-friendly naming scheme using C, Java JDBC, Java Servlets, and Perl; Migrate Trials Search database application from Illustra to Informix; Translate multiple external database file formats into formats favorable for serving web content; Linked citations scholarly monographs to bibliographic abstracts and indexes; provided content management solutions; Extensive development of Informix database applications using embedded SQL C and perl-5. 

Consulting Software Engineer August 1997 - September 1998  Cadence Design Systems, Spectrum Services Group, San Jose, California. 

Participated in API architecture design process for Intel vendor Cadence Design Systems Silicon Ensemble microelectronics CAD package engineering the process to facilitate perl embedablity; Coordinated embedding of API C library into perl 5 XSUBs; Designed and implemented Object classes and tied hashes in perl 5; Worked with Intel chip design group to determine final application functionality. 

Consulting Software Engineer (part-time) 1995-July 1997 HIV Insite, a project of the AIDS Office of The Medical Center of The University of California, San Francisco. 

Duties enumerated in staff role above.

Senior Software Engineer (full-time) June 1993-February 1997 Innovative Software Systems Group/Library-Center for Knowledge Management, UCSF Medical Center. 

Engineering leader on MedSage: HTTP<->Z39.50 gateway to the Melvyl Medline. Designed system architecture. Guided expert user specification committee towards workable system. Specified interfaces andS engineered integration my high-level modules with C and C++ of other engineers. Provided real-time production server support in Apache. Developed distributions for and supported production server installations at other UC campus libraries. 

Provided C and Perl programming and WWW support for the Galen II electronic library, including CGI, ensuring adherence to WWW protocol and markup standards, and prototyping the application of emerging internet metadata standards to scholarly health care content. 

WWW Technical guru, Web Interface for the MELVYL System design team. Worked with a state-wide committee of Librarians and techies towards a replacement for the command-line Melvyl bibliographic search system. Designed high-capacity system architecture infrastructure architecture with UC Division of Library Automation engineering staff. 

Internet Engineering Task Force; participation in the HyperText Transfer Protocol and HyperText Markup Language working groups. 

Investigated Electronic Publishing business models with Working group of the UCSF Library and Center for Knowledge Management. Group met to analyze environment and develop a business plan to position the Library as a player in the electronic publishing of scholarly scientific communication. 

Designed WWW interface to RedSage Electronic Journal Project (1993-1996) in collaboration with AT&T. Wrote a series of CGI programs in perl and C for browsing and searching the RedSage scanned-image journal archive, obviating the need for a proprietary client. Crafted SGML DTD for article headers. 

Designed and implemented schemes to produce hypertext linkages between bibliographic citations in online scholarly monographs to external, network accessible metadata sources Wrote an SGML Document Type Definition for journal article bibliographic information. 

Rapidly Prototyped extensive server-side WWW solutions focusing on HTTP Server internals development (NCSA, Apache modules and proxy). 

Ported Macintosh FileMaker Pro database to UNIX Illustra environment using C and perl middleware. 

Trained in SGML by SoftQuad


An Electronic Journal Browser Implemented in the World Wide Web,. II International World Wide Web Conference, Chicago, IL, October 1994.

A Simple Server Architecture for HTTP Sessions. V International World Wide Web Conference, Paris France, May 1996.

Internet Engineering Task Force, Hypertext Transfer Protocol Working Group, 1994-98; Hypertext Markup Working Group, 1993-95; WEBDAV WG; URN WG.

Dublin Core: Metadata for Electronic Resources, DC-4, Canberra 1997, DC-5, Helsinki, 1997, DC-6, Washington, 1998.

Senior Software Engineer 1991-1993 Carlyle Systems 

(eventually absorbed by Endeavor Corporation), San Mateo, CA. Designed, wrote, implemented and debugged Online Public Access Catalog backend in C and INGRES dynamic SQL on SunOS 4.1.x running on sparcs. Wrote numerous INGRES database utilities in C. 
Software Engineer 1989-1991 Wang Laboratories , Redwood City, CA. 

Responsible for development of text editor module of SCO UNIX-based word processing package in C.
Programmer Analyst 1986-1989 Department of Chemistry, The University of Texas at Austin. 

Developed on DOS in C mass spectrometer and temperature ramp control and real-time data acquisition package for research chemists. 
Computer Operator 1984-1986 Clark, Thomas, Winters and Newton Attorneys at Law, Austin, TX. 

Supervised batch processing and developed report generation scripts. 
Computer Operator 1981-1984 Mobil Exploration and Producing Services, Inc 

Dallas, TX. Operated CDC Mainframes, wrote operator utilities, trained senior career operators on internal operating system structure. 
Programmer 1976-1980 On-Trak Data Systems, Dallas, Texas 

Contracts while in high school. Wrote filters in BASIC for IBM 5110 pre-microcomputers. 


1st place, 1977 Southern Methodist University programming contest. 
3rd place, 1978 Southern Methodist University programming contest. 
2nd place, 1979 North Texas State University programming contest.