Duboce Townsend Line

A route to connect Church Street Station with the CalTrain Station at 4th and Townsend.

The Duboce/13th/Division corridor is not cohesively served by transit for east/west travel yet has seen substantial new commercial development that has replaced formerly industrial uses. Commerical developments tend to rely on private autos to deliver customers. Lack of transit combined with reliance on autos makes that corridor even more difficult for pedestrians and cyclists. Transit service with multimodal connections along the corridor would facilitate shopping without an auto.

New housing at Showplace Square is underserved by transit, especially to points west.

Access to CalTrain from the west side of San Francisco is contorted. Even after the Transbay Terminal is completed, it would be more efficient for westsiders to cut through SoMA to catch the train at 4th than to travel downtown.

As the City moves towards tearing down US-101 from Octavia Boulevard towards a touchdown at Bryant, we should plan for augmenting transit services to this changing district.

The preponderance of transit service throughout this corridor is north/south. The proposed line would leverage that to provide transfers with some fifteen existing MUNI lines and CalTrain.

The line connects many shopping and service destinations as well as many employment centers to existing transit lines.

The line should not be combined with the 10 Townsend, as this line should have a reasonable intensity of service using smaller coaches. Perhaps 4 small vehicles could service this line with headways of five minutes.

Proposed Route

Church Street Station, east on Market, east on Duboce, continue east on 13th Street, continue east on Division, continue east on Townsend to CalTrain.

Proposed Stops:

Transit Connections

9 San Bruno
10 Townsend
12 Folsom
14 Mission
19 Polk
22 Fillmore
26 Valencia
27 Bryant Harrison
30/45 Stockton
47 Van Ness
K, L, M, N, T MUNI Metro