Judge’s ruling supports City College, smacks down accreditors

Karnow says the ACCJC broke the law — and paves the way for the Legislature to reform or abolish it

The legal team that beat the ACCJC: Ron Flynn, Yvonne Mere, Sara Eisenberg, Dennis Herrera, Tom Lakritz, and Matthew Goldberg

The legal team that beat the ACCJC: Ron Flynn, Yvonne Mere, Sara Eisenberg, Dennis Herrera, Tom Lakritz, and Matthew Goldberg

By Tim Redmond

JANUARY 16, 2014 – The decision by Judge Curtis Karnow in the City College case is a clear victory for the school – and might be the beginning of the end for the accrediting agency that tried to shut it down.

It also provides a good argument for the end of the special trustee and a restoration of power to the elected college board.

“This is a wonderful, outstanding day for San Francisco,” City Attorney Dennis Herrera said at a press conference this afternoon.

The city didn’t get everything; the judge didn’t completely vacate the decision by the Accrediting Council for Community and Junior Colleges. Karnow didn’t agree that the decision to yank accreditation was driven by the ACCJC’s political agenda.

But he made two critically important rulings that will change the future of City College and possibly of accreditation in the future. Continue reading

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96 Hours of protests start with Black Lives Matter actions in SF, Oakland


By Julia Carrie Wong

JANUARY 16, 2015 — While protesters banged spoons on BART cars and shut down stations in San Francisco, another action was going on across the Bay.

About 15 protesters from communities of color chained themselves to the Clay Street entrance of Oakland’s Ronald V Dellums Federal Building at 6:30this morning as part of a planned 96 hours of protest in the Bay Area marking Martin Luther King Jr Day.

The protesters, behind a banner reading “Third World For Black Power,” planned to link “third world struggle with black resistance” and emphasize King’s legacy of opposition to US imperialism, including his opposition to the Vietnam War. About 15 more white protesters chained themselves to the Jefferson Street entrance of the Federal Building at the same time. About 100 more protesters gathered in front of the Federal Building, and a helium balloon lofted a giant banner reading “Black Power Matters” above the plaza.

Police did not immediately move to remove the protesters. Other entrances of the building remained unblocked, and police escorted workers into the building. Organizers stated their intention to remain in place for 4 hours and 28 minutes. Four hours symbolizes the amount of time Ferguson, MO police left Mike Brown’s body in the street after he was shot and killed by police last August. Twenty-eight  minutes symbolizes the fact that, according to a study by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, a Black person is killed by police, security guards, or vigilantes  every 28 hours in the United States.

Continue reading

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Guardian Commemorative Edition cover, release details announced

Guardian-in-Exile team reveals tribute issue cover, street date, and more

Bay Guardian Comemorative Edition announced

Guardian Commemorative Edition cover, designed by Brooke Ginnard.

By Marke B. 

JANUARY 16, 2015 — Last night, the Guardian-in-Exile team of former Bay Guardian staffers met in my apartment. We were there to dig into some celebratory Cybelle’s pizza and put the finishing touches on what we’re calling the “Guardian Commemorative Edition,” celebrating the Bay Guardian’s 48 year history — and looking to the future of independent SF media. It’s a good one!

The Guardian Commemorative Edition will be released on Thursday, Jan. 22 as an insert in the San Francisco Public Press Winter 2015 issue (available at these news stands for one dollar). Readers will also have the option to download a electronic edition via cool online service Gumroad, at a link to be posted soon. The electronic edition will feature an “extended” option, with 20+ more pages of mementos from the Guardian’s long and storied history.

Please follow our Guardian-in-Exile Facebook page for more announcements.

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Tom’s Town: Who is running for supervisor?

By Tom Temprano

JANUARY 16, 2015 — San Francisco’s politicos and journalists are very clearly abuzz with speculation and rumors about the 2015 supervisorial race between recent D3 mayoral appointee Julie Christensen and (at this point only rumored candidates) Aaron Peskin and Cindy Wu.  For this week’s column, I’m going to refrain from talking about how much I hate the mayor appointing his legislative check and balance (because I’ve already beaten that horse to death), and instead share a number of rumors I’ve already heard about the Supervisors races to follow in 2016 – races that will have the chance to reshape a majority of the board.

48hillstemprano2Prior to speaking about the races themselves, lets speculate about who will be running many of the races. Fresh off the heels of running the most energetic progressive campaign in years, David Campos’ campaign manager for both his Assembly and supervisorial re-election bids, Nate Allbee, is purportedly putting together a slate of candidates to run for a number of 2016 seats. It also goes without saying that Nicole Derse, who ran Eric Mar’s tough reelection bid in 2012 and David Chiu’s Assembly race, will likely be at the helm of at least a few contests and that Enrique Pearce, the consultant behind Jane Kim’s successful supervisorial races and the Run Ed Run campaign, will be tapped to run a few races for the mayor’s preferred candidates.

Now that we know who might be behind the scenes, let’s take a look at who could be out on the streets shaking hands and stumping for votes. In numerical order: Continue reading

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Mayor Lee’s failed housing policies — and how we can demand change in 2015

The mayor’s State of the City address stressed housing — but his actual record is dismal and his proposals won’t work

Mayor Lee presents his glowing vision of the city

Mayor Lee presents his glowing vision of the city


By Calvin Welch

JANUARY 15, 2015 — The themes of Ed Lee’s re-election campaign were outlined in today’s State of the City address. At center place were the essentially defensive proposals to address the affordable housing crisis that grips San Francisco. His all-too-familiar initiatives — down payment assistance for middle class home owners, calls for private sector and foundation financing at never-mentioned levels, and a general obligation bond — remain unchanged from the Gavin Newsom Administration.

So much for “disruption” and “innovation” he and his backers love to yammer on about.

But then again, what can he do if, in fact, his policies are part of the problem and not a solution? Continue reading

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Charlie’s Angels on acid: ‘Shit & Champagne’ splashes into new Oasis club

New SoMa performance venue hosts D’Arcy Drollinger’s rollicking drag ’70s exploitation flick send-up.  

Party Radar: Darcy Drollinger at Oasis SF

D’Arcy Drollinger takes the cake — and a whole lotta other things — in “Shit & Champagne” at the new Oasis.

By Marke B. 

PARTY RADAR Welp, she did it. While no one ever truly doubted the supreme iron will of SF’s broad-wigged, broad-shouldered drag Colossus Heklina — especially not me, I’ll keep my gonads, thank you — the Trannyshack drag doyenne really hit a home run with her very own new club venue, Oasis SF.

It’s really a real thing! And it’s lovely, with a nice bar-lounge Fez Room in the front that’s open for happy hours and regular cocktail-time canoodling (you might spot big mama Heklina slanging dranks) — and a big space beyond the curtains for performances (who knew we had such a thirst for colorful queer to-dos?) and dance parties, which are my favorite kind of party.

Party Radar: Oasis SF opens

Oasis, basically.

Heklina’s iconic Trannyshack drag boner-anza has been rebranded as Mother, and will take over Saturdays starting Sat/17.

But the big news right now is the five-week run of lithesome drag practitioner and fellow Oasis owner D’Arcy Drollinger’s hysterical “Shit & Champagne” (through Feb. 14), her own production in which she plays Charlie’s-Angel-on-acid-like heroine Champagne White.

Continue reading

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PARTY RADAR: Black Coffee, MLK & HNY, Disco Daddy, Apollo, Beatpig, more

The week’s choice nightlife and dance floor affairs, Jan. 14-20, 2015

Party Radar: DJ Black Coffee hits SF

South Africa’s Nkosinathi Maphumulo, aka Black Coffee, comes to Public Works Fri/16.

By Marke B.

PARTY RADAR House music is a universal language, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its share of fascinating regional idioms. And ever since dance music site Resident Advisor profiled the vibrant house scene in Johannesburg in 2013, the global house community has been all agog for DJs like Black Coffee and Culoe de Song — and the soulful magic they’re creating down there.

Mixing pretty/haunting vocal tracks into hypnotic, deep beats, the masters of South Africa bring all manner of tricks to the table, especially in terms of dynamics and rhythm. Um, only DJ Black Coffee could turn a gutsy version of “Personal Jesus” into an aching, tribal concerto (at 55:00 below, but really the whole thing is brilliant):

Continue reading

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